INDIgo Home Da Lat: A Home for the Hideaway Souls

They say Da Lat is a city of Romance and Love. And some say it’s a city of dreamers. I say it’s a city to hide away, to escape the noisy, pressure and heat from living in a big city. There’s one place that I think Da Lat is truly a “hide away” city for people like me – INDIgo Home.


Located just a few kilometers away from Da Lat Market but the way that leads to INDIgo could makes you feels like it separated 10 miles completely from the city centre. There are dirt roads, roads that the pines are right there two sides of the road … literally looks like the roads in the countryside. And it’s also make you feel like you are escaping Da Lat city to make your hideaway misson even more real.

DSCF3123-1 DSCF3126-2

It is basically a hostel and a homestay blend in together. But I think the owners don’t like INDIgo to be called one of that. They called it just “home” and that what I will call it from now on. Let’s talk a bit about the people who created and managing INDIgo: they are mostly artists. Most of them are painters, illustrators and writer who like to draw, paint, write or just simply reading books all day long in their “home”. It’s a common sense that artist craved for freedom. This “home” allow them to live free and slow as they desire thanks to the dorm room with 8 beds that provide them the cost of living while they are making their arts.

the house’s cats walking from the kitchen down the sloping road

DSCF3144-2 DSCF3149-6

There are many special things about this home. They’re mainly about simple things but have full of souls in them, such the two bookshelves with many many good books (most in Vietnamese), the colors of everything inside and outside, the friendly smiles and reception of the guys who manage and live in the place, the cats who love people and willing to sleep in your lap while you’re reading a book …

Personally, what I liked most is this corner with this chair by the glass window looking straight to the seclude neighborhood full of trees and pines – a perfect place for finding tranquility, reading or create something out of the blank papers.


taken on the chair by the window in one gloomy afternoon

My second most favorite of this place must be the food they make themselves in a small kitchen inside a seperated wooden house nearby.  I had a dinner with traditional and simple  Vietnamese dishes but so vibrant and savory that it exceed my expectations and the previous similar dishes I have eaten.

Others could spend big bucks to stay in 4-5 stars hotel/resort to have good views, great services and dreamy sceneries … for me, INDIgo Home provide all of that (in different ways) with just 120,000 Dong/night (6$) and 20,000 Dong for a meal.


I heard one of them reveal that they are building another INDIgo Home with separate rooms and a restaurant in similar style. I bet they would be singular as this one they built and I will definitely check them out.


Never in my life that a place to hospitality service makes me feels like home like INDIgo. So if you’re looking for a place to escape the stressful life in the city in tight budget, look no further, this is the place to go!

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